Agreement with Price Adjustment

When we enter into a business deal, it`s essential to ensure that all the terms and conditions are clearly stated in the agreement. One such crucial term is the price of the product or service being offered. However, what happens when there is a change in the market conditions that affect the cost of production or delivery?

This is where the agreement with price adjustment comes into play.

What is an Agreement with Price Adjustment?

An agreement with price adjustment is a clause in a contract that allows for a change in the price of goods or services if certain conditions are met. This clause is often used in long-term contracts where there is a possibility of market fluctuations.

For instance, the price of raw materials required to produce a product might change due to market demand, or the transportation cost might increase due to fuel price hike. In such a scenario, the agreement with price adjustment protects both parties from losses and ensures that the business deal remains fair and profitable for everyone involved.

How does it work?

The agreement with price adjustment works by setting out a formula for calculating the new price of the goods or services being offered. This formula takes into account the specific condition that led to the change in price and ensures that the price adjustment is reasonable and fair.

For instance, the formula might take into account the change in the cost of raw materials, transportation, or labor. The new price is then determined by applying the formula to the original price.

Benefits of an Agreement with Price Adjustment

There are several benefits of an agreement with price adjustment, including:

1. Protection from unexpected changes: This clause safeguards both parties from unexpected changes in the market conditions, ensuring that the business deal remains profitable.

2. Maintaining a fair deal: Price adjustments ensure that the deal remains fair for both parties, with neither party bearing an unfair burden due to unexpected changes.

3. Long-term business relationships: This clause can help build long-term business relationships based on trust and fairness, as both parties understand that any changes in market conditions will be accommodated without affecting the relationship.


In conclusion, an agreement with price adjustment is an important clause that should be included in any long-term business contract. It ensures that both parties are protected from unexpected market changes and that the business deal remains fair and profitable. As a professional, it`s important to ensure that this clause is clearly explained in any written content related to business contracts.

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